Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Palette...

Fall is my favorite season! I have been working on my fall decor this week.On the exterior of my home I enjoy the lovely colors Mother Nature provides. The interior of my home gets a different palette. I have been sculpting.I made acorns. Just a few because I couldn't find any I liked! Everything in these photos I made.Except the leaf plate.

Here they are in their "raw" state. I will share pictures once they are painted. I need to make many more.Maybe a tutorial is in order.
I sculpted the antler as well. The pumpkins were sewn using one of the many tutorials on the web.If you check out the bottom left corner you'll notice some book page maple leaves. I have made a garland using these. I will share that in another post. Well I am off to paint acorns!
                                                                 Happy Fall Ya'll!