Friday, November 4, 2011

Thanksgiving decor and a turkey tassel

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! I enjoy spending this time with my family and friends.Don't get me wrong I love Christmas too, and many of the other holidays. Thanksgiving just seems to have a cozy feeling to me. With my mind turning inward to  reflect upon some of the many blessings of the year, I decided to do a little vignette photo shoot of some things I use to decorate for Fall.
My holiday decor color choice is for the most part neutral.
Transferware is a favorite any time of the year!

The tassel I made last year. The turkey was a candlestick. I added raffia, paper twist, and a little ruffle. For a little bling I added a chandelier crystal too.

I just had to add a bow to his little tush.

Here are a few more decor shots.
Thanks for letting me share.