Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Green project for a White Christmas...

  Hello bloggers! I have a holiday project to share today. I  love white Christmas trees!  Our family has enjoyed a white tree for the last 5 or 6 years. I have been on the hunt since last year for a pencil tree that was white. Lowe's came through for me, with a beautiful pre-lit white tree. The next decorations I have been trying to hunt down , was a white wreath and garland. No luck! If you have read some of my past posts, you know my motto. "If I can't buy it, I make it!"
    Because I purchased the new tree this year, I had three (yes, I said three) old white trees to dispose of. To fill out the original tree I had, I would use extra branches stuck in here and there. I felt really guilty putting those old trees in the landfill . While cruising Pinterest, I found a Martha Stewart wreath, and I fell in love!
    First, let me say this is a messy project!! I used an old sheet and I sill had a mess. If the weather will allow, do this outside. With good wire cutters it shouldn't be too difficult, just a little tedious. Now on to the project,

Materials needed:
wire cutters
wire wreath form
old Christmas tree
floral wire
Your choice of decorations

Cut all the pine tips off  of  the thick gauge wire branches of tree.

     You will end up with a huge pile of the pine tips. I don't remember the actual size of my wreath frame. It is pretty big and I used 3/4 of one of the old trees.

To construct the wreath, grab a handful of tips (I used approximately 6 to 8 per bunch) then attach them to the front of the wreath with the floral wire. I wrapped the bunch one or two times, laid it onto the frame, then wrapped the wire around the bunch and the wire frame a few times to secure.

                                                   This is the back of the frame when finished.

Once you have your wreath filled in, you are ready to decorate!!!!

Flooff and fluff your wreath, then add your decorations.

This is what I chose for my version of the inspiration wreath. After trying to attach the ornaments with floral wire, I resorted to the good ole glue gun. (not pictured). I needed tiny silver ornaments. I used beaded garland and cut it up.

This was my inspiration!
Martha Stewart

                                                                    My version!

    I feel great about this project! I got the wreath I wanted and I recycled! I will leave you with a few pictures of my Christmas decor, enjoy!


Thanks for letting me share,

Note: Please excuse the photo quality. I used my iphone because my blog photographer is busy studying for exams.

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