Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Broomsticks, Not just for Riding Anymore...

    Hello, Happy Tuesday! I have been enjoying a little break, spending time with my girls before they return to college. I have also been catching up on my reading. I squeezed in a couple of projects too!  I love to do all sorts of needle arts. Crochet, knitting, needlepoint, you get the idea. Usually I wait to tackle these kinds of projects in the Fall and Winter. The weather here is HOT! Working with yarn isn't favorable to the conditions. I have found myself yearning for Fall and everything that goes with that season. I turned up the AC and busted out my yarn stash. I have wanted to buy an afghan for my couch for a while. Everything I find is way too short! So, you know me if I can't buy it, I make it!
    While searching for a pattern that was unique and easy. I discovered Broomstick Lace. This stitch fit the bill.   It is unique and very easy. I found many great tutorials on Youtube. They recommend a large knitting needle to make your loops but I had a dowel that would work as well.


    This is going to be a scarf when it is finished. I picked a quick project to make first. I enjoy doing this, so an afghan is definitely  in the future! There are only two stitches involved when doing Broomstick Lace. The chain stitch and the single crochet. Don't be intimidated, it looks way more complicated than it is.

    Go pull those broomsticks out. They aren't just for riding on anymore, who knew!

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