Wednesday, May 30, 2012

That works for me...

   Hello everyone! The paint is flying around here today. I am in the middle of painting my kitchen. Of course, that led to painting the furniture, picture frame molding, doors, trim , ceilings, cabinets, etc. etc. etc.!!!!! You know how that goes. My manicure is totally trashed and I have paint in places that, well, you know. With all the changes I also decided to change my lighting. I thought about what I wanted to go with my re-styled kitchen, trying to pin down just what my style is.?? After thinking about it for a while I came up with the term Farm-cy. That is a cross between farmhouse and fancy, clever right, right,ahem....(insert chirping crickets here). Okay getting to the point here, I purchased a chandelier for cheap at the GW (that's farm-cy speak for Goodwill). She has gorgeous lines but sadly she didn't come with any bling. I took a break from the brush and roller and got out the spray paint. I painted her white and then went onto the internet to search out some crystals. I discovered that what I wanted was gonna cost some dough. It was a little depressing because the chandelier  was such a good deal. I was on a mission. Hobby Lobby is very close to home and it is my go to for crafting. In the bridal isle I found my solution. They carry plastic crystal garlands. On the tag they are called GEM GARLAND. Now before you say ugh plastic,I have to say they are very sparkly and quite lovely.


   The crystals are attached to fishing line. There were 29 on the strand for $9.99. As luck would have it, they were 50% off that day so I bought two strands for the price of one WooHoo! I had plenty to bling out my new to me chandy . I was going to use the fishing line to hang them but decided to use the wire out of some wire edged ribbon I had. The wire is fine enough that it doesn't really show and it was easier for me than trying to mess with the fishing line.
   A drawback with using these is there is no smaller crystal at the top of the teardrop but I'm okay with that.

Here is a sneak peek. I will have to get brave and show you the redone kitchen, if I ever get finished!

   I hope you enjoyed this money saving tip. My chandy is very happy to have her bling and I am happy being able to look at said chandy while I brush and roll, brush and roll. ugh..

                                                  Thanks for letting me share,